Leading Medical Research Institute Adopts VM-Aware Storage Backbone

08 May 2012 23:16:00

Tintri Inc, a leading provider of virtual data storage solutions, has announced the successful deployment of its VMstore appliance for both server virtualisation and virtual desktop workloads at Semmes-Murphey.

A spokesperson from Semmes-Murphey, the leading research institute for neurological and spinal disorders, has said it has been the beneficiary of superior performance and significant cost savings since using Tintri’s VMstore and now has 300 virtual desktops and 50 virtual servers.

The neurosurgery experts have been able to progressively add 275 virtual machines (VMs) since using Tintri, all without having to provision new storage or add new datastores, freeing up its IT department’s valuable time.

Highlighting the benefits of Tintri’s VM-aware storage appliances, Drazen Vamplin, IT manager for Semmes-Murphey commented: “…we were able to run over 350 VMs on just a single Tintri appliance with no performance drop-off”.

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