LifeSize Advises Resellers To Do the Telecommuting Sums

16 July 2012 08:00:00

LifeSize is pushing green IT back to the top of the agenda by advising resellers to focus on the return on investment possible with HD VC.

LifeSize ANZ MD Tim Fulton told that resellers should analyse the amount of time and money their customers spend travelling to meetings, and then provided HD VC solutions based on the possible savings.

Fulton was also keen to point out that the usefulness of videoconferencing extended beyond traveling for meetings and impacted on areas like telecommuting, training and team building as well.

He said: “Once people start using video to communicate, they want to use it more — and the environmental benefits multiply.”

Fulton encouraged resellers to educate customers and explain to them that the more engaged employees were with the technology then the more the business would benefit from HD VC.

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