LifeSize Advises SMEs To Adopt Cloud

27 January 2012 16:53:00

Research carried out by HD videoconferencing specialist LifeSize, in which a thousand decision makers were polled, has revealed that nearly half of those surveyed believe in the benefits that technologies such as ‘video communications, remote server systems and cloud computing’ could bring to their business. In particular, it was noted that such technology removed the need for business travel, and made communication easier between customers and suppliers. 

Video communication was a popular option, with 59% of SMEs implementing the technology.  Moreover, 44% of businesses provide employees with tablet technologies to help them work outside the office.  The survey results also revealed that 36% of companies had used videoconferencing more to manage costs better.

Michael Stephens, UK and Ireland general manager at LifeSize, said: “With the cost of travel set to increase, the predicted bad weather and the continuous need to reduce costs will mean looking for innovative ways to do things differently.”

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