LifeSize Connections is Unique in Enterprise Market Claims HD VC Giant

11 January 2012 18:27:00

LifeSize’s Channel Development Manager, Sean Wilder, has recently written a blog post in which he considers the company’s HD videoconferencing software (including newly launched LifeSize Connections) alongside other videoconferencing offerings such as Skype and Apple FaceTime. 

Some have suggested that these two main competitors have been providing mobile videoconferencing for a long time – and at little to no cost – prompting the question “why would a business pay for LifeSize products when they can already take advantage of consumer-based services at no charge?”

Wilder suggests that the answer is simple. Skype only works with Skype and FaceTime only works with FaceTime. LifeSize is interoperable and is designed to work with a range of enterprise videoconferencing software. LifeSize also offers other capabilities that are specifically tailored to the needs of enterprises – for example calls between desktop clients and room-based systems.

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