LifeSize Solves Vial Problem

11 April 2012 08:58:00

LifeSize has been chosen to supply HD videoconferencing technology to Quadpack, a company supplying packaging solutions to the beauty and personal care industries. In a time of global growth, and with a strong focus on design, Quadpack opted for an audio-visual solution to their inter-office communication needs.

LifeSize offers a low cost channel through which Quadpack can share its designs in HD 1080p30 quality.

“In the packaging industry, special effects are very important. There is a level of brilliance in each color of the rainbow, but that level can be very difficult to decipher via e-mail,” said Tim Eaves, Quadpack CEO.

Quadpack has set up equipment in its Spain, Germany, Italy, China and Australia offices to facilitate low-cost connection between staff and with clients, and have deployed LifeSize Desktop to improve communication between international offices. The result has been improved connectivity and greater margins.

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