Lighthouse Replaces Tape With Whitewater

02 July 2012 09:31:00

Riverbed Technology's Whitewater cloud storage gateway appliance has been chosen by leading electronic discovery services provider Lighthouse eDiscovery to replace its tape-based backup system.

The modernisation has greatly improved Lighthouse's backup and disaster recovery (DR) processes and reduced storage requirements more than 12-fold, meaning lower cloud storage fees and reduced IT management time.

Thanks to Whitewater, the team saves seven hours every week managing backup.

Marc Larkin, system administrator at Lighthouse, claimed that cloud storage was attractive because it was a service the company could literally switch on, but the main reason Lighthouse looked to the cloud was due to Whitewater making cloud-based disaster recovery a realistic possibility.

“We were able to configure the Whitewater gateway in about an hour without having to replace our existing backup tool. Our data protection strategy is much more reliable than with tape and our backups feel local."

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