Meru Provides First Cloud-based Network To Northern Irish Schools

11 April 2012 17:13:00
Meru Networks

Meru Networks will provide high quality Wi-Fi connectivity to 350,000 students and teachers in 1,200 schools in Northern Island under the £170m Education Network Northern Ireland (EN(ni)) contract.

The school campuses will have access to a wireless cloud that is based on 38 MC4200 controllers and 10,000 access points.

The network is the first of its kind in Europe and will allow students and teachers to access secure wireless over a variety of mobile devices.  

Meru Networks’ Bami Bastani, president and CEO said: "Cloud-based WLAN connectivity is a major advancement for learning environments because it offers flexibility and choice to organizations which are struggling with the demand for fast, reliable and robust Wi-Fi.”

Meru Networks reports that it’s adding 15 education clients a week to its growing portfolio of customers.

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