Meru Puts The Question Of BYOD To Schools

31 July 2012 17:56:00
Meru Networks

With the school year fast approaching, Meru Networks has encouraged schools to analyse their preparedness for BYOD technology.

According to a survey of school CIOs, VPs and IT directors by the wireless LAN solutions vendor, 55 per cent of schools already allow students to bring their own mobile devices to school. And with the price point gradually reducing, that figure is likely to increase.

In addition, 87 per cent of the respondents are interested in providing secure, low-cost guest access to their Wi-Fi networks. Meru says schools should ask themselves two questions: how will the workload of the IT staff be affected; and how effective are the tools used on the network.

The latest research by IDC anticipates that over 221 million tablets will be sold in 2016, more than double the expected figure for 2012.

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