Microsemi PowerDsine PD-3504G provides power to VoIP phones and IP cameras

13 July 2010 14:40:28
MicrosemiA new Microsemi PowerDsine midspan allows premises with VoIP phones and IP surveillance systems in place to power their equipment over the Ethernet connection, rather than requiring a mains electricity supply to run to each phone handset or camera.

The Microsemi PowerDsine PD-3504G caters for IP cameras, VoIP endpoints and wireless LAN access points, with 15.4 W per port delivered to attached devices using Power over Ethernet.

It also complies fully with the IEEE 802.3af standard, which requires a minimum current of 350 mA to be delivered at a voltage of 44 V direct current or above.

Sani Ronen, senior product line manager for Microsemi's PowerDsine midspans, says: "The PD-3504G product also offers the well known PowerDsine quality, reliability and superior performance - including full data integrity in 10/100/1,000 Mbps applications."

This is aimed to support cost-effective deployment of Power over Ethernet infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises looking to achieve improved power efficiency.

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