New Interoperability Announced For VirtualWisdom Solution

31 October 2012 17:27:00
Virtual Instruments

Virtual Instruments has announced its VirtualWisdom devices are now interoperable with Corning Cable Systems' Pretium EDGE Tap Module. The Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) vendor validated the Tap Module with both the SAN Performance Probe and the SAN Insight Rover to ensure transparent, error-free access to the Fibre Channel SAN traffic at line rate.

The Tap Module is a passive traffic access point that integrates seamlessly into the Pretium EDGE structured cabling solution. It combines the functionality of an interconnect, cross-connect and optical tap in one easy-to-use structured cabling module, allowing access to the monitor ports without disrupting the live network link. The monitor outputs from the Pretium EDGE Tap Module connect directly to Virtual Instruments' SAN Performance Probe to enable real-time, full-line monitoring.

Stuart Hoiness, senior vice president of Enterprise Networks at Corning Cable Systems, said the company was delighted to be working with Virtual Instruments.

“Virtual Instruments is the undisputed Fibre Channel network performance leader, so it's very important to us and to [our] customers to show the compatibility of our two product sets,” he added.

The award-winning VirtualWisdom platform provides visibility into real-time performance of the entire open systems stack.

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