NextIO Demonstrates Flexibility, Scalability and Agility

01 December 2011 17:59:00

This week, Roger Strukhoff of Cloud Computing Journal interviewed Senior VP of NextIO, Mike Heumann, to find out more about the company and what Strukhoff calls “virtualising the virtualised”.

When asked how important increased flexibility, scalability, and agility is to NextIO customers, Heumann responded by explaining NextIO’s virtualised offerings, broken down into three areas, CapEx, OpEx, and flexibility.

The CapEx savings are simple. If a customer has six I/O wires in the server then NextIO can save that customer up to 40%. The OpEx savings then become a natural edition with simplified cabling and less power required to cool data centre units. Finally, vNET which provides unrivalled flexibility and agility, quickly allows workers to take on changing workloads as server I/O can be "provisioned on the fly”.

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