NextIO Explains The Benefits of I/O Virtualisation

16 May 2012 17:23:00

NextIO, a provider of I/O consolidation and virtualisation solutions, has recently been explaining the benefits of I/O virtualisation and how employing the system can help end users overcome the challenges faced when trying to update their data centre environment.

Every data centre manager or cloud provider needs to incorporate new and updated technologies into their infrastructure in order to remain competitive. But it is not always easy to build a scalable architecture that can deal with the various component upgrades that occur at different rates.

I/O virtualisation’s answer is to add a hardware middleware layer that utilises the industry standard PCI Express platform. Sitting between the server component of a system and the various I/O available for the processing units, this layer is flexible enough to deploy next-generation technologies when available and will also avoid vendor lock-ins.

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