Overland Storage’s SnapServer DX Series Wins ‘Product of the Year'

27 March 2012 18:29:00
Overland Storage

Data management specialist Overland Storage has been awarded ‘Hardware Product of the Year’ for its SnapServer DX Series at the 2012 Network Computing Awards. 

Also a runner up in the ‘Data Centre Product of the Year’ category, Overland Storage’s Jeremy Zuber, commented: “The SnapServer DX Series was built to have the best features and price of any NAS solution in its class, to enable businesses of all sizes to take advantage of its power, flexibility and ease of us.”

The SnapServer DX Series was launched in October 2011, is expandable to 288TB, and is designed to use its DynamicRAID technology to ensure storage is not over provisioned. The series is purpose built for the enterprise environment as it ensures data protection and works well with common business applications like SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.

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