PCs lagging behind smartphones and tablets

02 August 2011 17:43:00
Meru Networks

The research director of IDC has revealed that tablet computers and smartphones have ‘usurped’ traditional computers in the workplace, and that interaction with social media platforms is also on the rise.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Nicholas McQuire claimed: “We're going to see more and more of it and I think IT departments are really having to develop proactive strategies in this environment.”  Global shipments of the mobile devices have increased rapidly as prices have dropped and vendors have battled to release their own models, and McGuire also noted that adoption of web 2.0 technology has soared

This strong growth is good news for wireless infrastructure vendors like Meru Networks.  Meru offers virtualised networking solutions that make the tablet computer a realistic alternative to a desktop or laptop PC, as it can now form a robust part of the workplace IP network whilst remaining secure.



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