RBS and Fujitsu Use Xsigo In Massive VDI Deployment

01 May 2012 17:39:00

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Fujitsu have built one of the largest ever Citrix VDI deployments, supported by Xsigo’s Data Center Fabric.

In a presentation at Synergy 2011, Colin Bradford, the CTO at Fujitsu, outlined the scale of the 55,000 desktop project and highlighted Xsigo’s role.

During his presentation, Bradford mentioned how the project was “...leveraging Xsigo from an I/O aggregation perspective” for flexibility.

Bradford also commented on how every server has “...its own personality that can be changed at a whim” for simple drag and drop additions such as databases and virtualisation or Citrix capacity.

Xsigo’s Data Center Fabric is a scalable solution for up to 1,000 servers. It can cost up to 50 per cent less than installing legacy switches to perform the same function and offers up to thirty times faster backup.

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