Record Levels Of Counterfeit Components Reported in 2011

12 April 2012 17:57:00

Market research firm IHS iSuppli claims that a record number of counterfeit components were reported in 2011. The researcher focused on the semiconductor market in particular noting that it could be worth up to $169 million.

Cheaper counterfeit products compromise the integrity of installation and result in expensive maintenance and replacement after a brief period of time.

Mark Levy, business development manager with specialist components and accessories brand ProLabs noted that substandard copper cable offerings were also becoming more commonplace: "Whether it is aluminium cabling or copper coated aluminium (CCA) the risks remain the same - aluminium is prone to oxidisation and corrosion. This results in costly repairs and replacements at best, and in extreme cases, can pose a fire risk.”

Levy subsequently advised alignment with suppliers that insist on rigorous due diligence and product screening to ensure quality.

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