Riverbed Advises on SharePoint Deployment

23 April 2012 18:52:00

Riverbed Technology is talking up its Cascade products in relation to SharePoint deployment. By centralising SharePoint and following a few simple steps, Riverbed aims to provide end-users with a more productive environment.

First of all, Riverbed notes that finding out who is using your networks is all-important. Cascade can perform this function in double-quick time with complete accuracy. Client dependencies and locations are identified while network performance is analysed and relayed in an interactive format.

Next up, Riverbed advocates centralising and consolidating SharePoint server farms. By banishing performance blocks with processes such as data deduplication, Riverbed states that, “SharePoint operations are up to 30x faster”.

It’s then time to deal with potential traffic spikes. The Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager deals with requests more efficiently. Finally, the Stingray Aptimiser works to improve page load times.

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