Riverbed and VMware Aim To Optimise Virtual Machine Migration

29 May 2012 17:51:00

Riverbed and VMware recently announced a collaboration that aims to optimise virtual machine migration for public, private or multi-cloud environments. As a result of this, VMware’s vCloud Connector is designed to move and replicate data across the WAN whilst circumventing the constraints of bandwidth, high latency and packet loss.

According to Miles Kelly, senior director of product marketing for Riverbed, tests of this combined technology cut the migration time of twelve virtual machines from over two hours to less than two minutes.

This work aims to solve performance issues that can inhibit cloud adoption by restricting the customers’ ability to navigate applications quickly and easily. According to Paula Musich, a senior analyst at Current Analysis, cloud providers would be wise to adopt virtual machine migration as a first step.

Innovations such as these, says Cindy Borovick of IDC, are the, “...next wave in cloud infrastructure”, saving providers’ customers both time and money.

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