Riverbed Discusses Edge-VSI

01 June 2012 11:41:00

Edge-VSI offers 20 to 50 per cent lower TCO than traditional ways of managing IT infrastructure at the ’edge’ of a business, according to Eric Carter, senior product manager at IT performance specialist, Riverbed Technology. Carter explains that edge-VSI works by creating the virtual resource, allocating it to a specific branch and then projecting it from a central data centre to remote locations. By decoupling the storage and server resource, edge-VSI allows the edge locations to offer application performance usually only achievable when the storage is local to the server.

Carter compares edge-VSI to a traditional VDI in terms of security, data consolidation, management and data protection, but points out that the comparison ends when you compare the operating costs of edge-VSI to traditional approaches to edge computing. Riverbed recently launched its Granite product range to enable edge virtual server infrastructure.

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