Riverbed Highlights the Importance of Cloud Storage Gateways

18 May 2012 16:03:00

Riverbed, the performance company, has been highlighting the importance of cloud storage gateways in relation to creating a flexible and cost-effective backup infrastructure.

Employing cloud storage gateways such as Riverbed’s Whitewater solution makes smart business sense. Gateways are supported by a broad range of vendors thus strong competition lowers storage costs. Furthermore, Whitewater’s capabilities also support private cloud solutions, “allowing the use of Whitewater gateways with public, private, and hybrid clouds”.

Licensing costs are also further reduced using these gateways because they are typically charged “on the size of the data stored after deduplication rather than the total number of terabytes protected”.

In addition, cloud storage gateways support multiple data protection products, encompassing both physical servers and virtual machines, while solutions such as Whitewater are easily upgradable and offer a simple user interface.

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