Riverbed Introduces Cascade 9.5

31 January 2012 18:04:00

Riverbed has announced enhancements to its Cascade solution which will allow network performance managers better application and network traffic visibility.

Cascade 9.5, integrates a virtualised version of Riverbed’s Shark appliance, named Virtual Cascade Shark. It gives administrators the visibility into virtual machines that is unachievable with the physical appliance. This is great news for Riverbed customers, as the solution is able to monitor traffic through a number of Riverbed appliances, including Steelheads, Whitewater and Stingray.

Dimitri Vlachos, senior director of marketing and product management at Riverbed said: "Cascade is all about providing IT operators an integrated view that allows them to discover all the components of that application and the network that it runs over, monitor automatically with analytics so they don't have to do a bunch of manual threshold setting."

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