Riverbed Unveils Stingray Traffic Manager Version 8.1

24 January 2012 18:27:00

Riverbed has announced a new update for its Stingray Traffic Manager solution designed to enhance performance and deliver fixes for known bugs.

Support for both SNMPv2c bulk requests and single SNMPv3 users has been included as major feature upgrades. It is also now possible to use Cloud Steelheads with Amazon cloud and ESX based public clouds. 

The changes include other advantages such as improving UI responsiveness if some members of a cluster have failed and increasing the threshold high load warnings to prevent false alarms.

For a full list of features can be accessed in the release notes. Customers who want to upgrade to the 8.1 version of the product can do so via their customer page. Instructions on how to upgrade to a Stingray or Zeus installation can be found here.   

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