snom Releases New IP-PBX

16 March 2012 16:23:00

snom released the latest version of One IP-PBX that adds a host of calling features that will increase the capabilities of employees using mobile devices.

Developed with a view to easily integrate employees’ devices, snom’s newest offering will enable a mobile workforce to conduct business with greater productivity.

snom COO Mike Storella highlighted the link between productivity and maintaining adequate connectivity in the mobile workforce.

“Worker mobility is a growing issue for many companies, and the need to have cellphones seamlessly integrated into the organization’s internal telephone platform is directly related to the productivity of a mobile workforce”, Storella said.

In addition to SIP client support, plug-and-play deployment, and enhanced management and security, the IP-PBX is available for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V via a .vhd file as a virtual appliance.

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