Staffordshire University Deploys Power Saving Solution

18 April 2012 17:25:00

Staffordshire University has realised savings of around £27,000 per year by implementing Verdiem’s energy management solution, Surveyor.

The university quickly recorded 60 per cent power savings on student PCs and 25 per cent on staff computers. Jay Burke, senior IT officer (client tech & app) information services at the university said that one of the reasons Verdiem won the competitive pitch was because the manufacturer allowed them to create separate policies for different university departments.

Burke explained why the solution worked: “When switched on, the average PC draws 65 watts of electricity, 3 when suspended (standby), and 1 watt when completely turned off. Each monitor also draws 35 watts when on, 2 in sleep mode and zero when off.”

The university has deployed Verdiem’s Surveyor across its multiple estates in Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford Lichfield, Shrewsbury and Telford and expects to see a return on investment within 12 months.

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