Storage Architecture Unsustainable claims Hitachi Data Systems

13 July 2012 18:02:00
Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems has pushed for the IT sector to consider the triple bottom line of traditional storage architecture.

Focussing on the inefficiencies of legacy storage systems, which churn large volumes of data at high rates of power consumption, Hitachi Data Systems argued that IT managers should track their consumption and make plans for a cheaper, greener storage framework.

With power rates predicted to rise by up to 120 per cent by 2020 and maybe even 215 per cent by 2030, traditional storage architectures will quickly cease to be suitable.

Hitachi Data Systems’ chief economist David Merrill suggested that: “Without a fundamental change in storage architectures, an unsustainable rate of growth in power and cooling will put pressure on current data centre facilities.”

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