Survey Puts UK Ahead Of Germany In Application Migration Benchmarking

17 April 2012 18:26:00
Virtual Instruments

36 per cent of UK IT managers benchmark application performance before and after a migration to ensure consistent or improved performance compared to 34 per cent of the same demographic in Germany. The results were published by data centre monitoring specialist Virtual Instruments.

The independent survey conducted by Vanson Bourne considered the responses of 200 IT managers and directors in the two countries, and also indicated that 25 per cent of those surveys don’t benchmark because they can’t.

Virtual Instruments EMEA marketing director, Chris James, said: “The survey results reflect our experiences with both end users and the channel that IT managers would like to ensure that their data and application migration is benchmarked to ensure performance but often they do not have the time and, in some cases, the skills to perform such tasks.”

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