'Telco Oligopoly' Driving WAN Virtualisation

24 April 2012 17:53:00

The continued domination of an ‘oligopoly’ of telecommunications providers is behind the drive towards WAN virtualisation.

MPLS prices are high for a number of reasons ranging from the monopoly enjoyed by telcos over connections to business locations, to WAN buyers remaining risk averse to lower-cost WAN services, but perhaps more importantly, internet connectivity alone has never been reliable enough in comparison with MPLS.

However, WAN virtualisation from companies like Talari Networks, is driving the transition to the next-generation enterprise WAN architecture. It aims to address the high cost of WAN bandwidth by using a series of public internet links.

Combining it with leading WAN optimisation from manufacturers like Riverbed, means businesses can benefit from a number of cloud services or high definition videoconferencing for example, that rely on first rate quality of service and assured connectivity.

To find out more about Talari Networks, please click here or Riverbed, please click here.

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