Tintri Attracts Over 40 Customers in First 12 Months

06 January 2012 18:10:00

Tintri has announced that, from March 24 2011 when the company launched, it has added more than 40 new customers and achieved a growth, quarter-over-quarter, of more than 100%. During this time Tintri realised international expansion, creating presences in the EMEA and APAC markets.

Tintri also increased its intake of employees, taking on a number of high-profile executives including Villarreal (VP of Sales, formerly of NetApp) and established a partnership with Zycko in order to grow its presence in the UK.

Kieran Harty, CEO of Tintri commented: "Our growth in 2011 exceeded even our own aggressive projections.”

In 2011 Tintri launched Tintri VMstore, a unique storage appliance created exclusively for VMs.

“We believed that the market was ready for a truly VM-aware storage appliance that offered superior performance at a reasonable cost, and the extraordinary momentum we've experienced in our first year of existence has validated that belief", Harty concluded.

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