Tintri Claims Flash Is More Than Just 'Faster Disk'

19 March 2012 18:18:00

Storage expert Tintri has released a blog post in which it discusses some of the issues surrounding flash storage, urging readers to “treat flash as more than just a faster, denser disk”.  Previous discussion surrounding flash, it claims, has failed to address some of the wider consequences of flash technology for storage. 

One of the key ways in which flash technology is a game-changer is that it grants the ability to “remove a key mechanical barrier to scaling the performance of not only storage systems, but computing systems in general”.  In the long run, this will lead to increased automation and functionality. Most importantly, flash storage encourages cost-efficiency by creating better foundations for building storage systems. 

As part of the ongoing evolution of its VM-aware storage appliances, Tintri has been considering the various ways in which flash storage can be approached in a series of three blog posts

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