Tintri Registers 800 VMs On One Box

21 May 2012 17:45:00

Tintri, a pioneering virtualisation and data storage company, has been outlining its products’ capabilities.

It has been reported that one European customer is running a staggering 800 virtual machines from one Tintri box. The unnamed company produces products such as railway carriages and had been relying on a largely virtualised infrastructure consisting of file servers and virtual machines (VMs) stored on a NetApp array.

However, lagging performance and storage bottlenecks necessitated the introduction of the Tintri 540 VMstore product, a single 3U box with an incredible amount of storage space thereby making it more cost-effective, and the ability to service nearly all VM I/Os from the flash.

Tintri provides market leading data storage at affordable rates and utilises the power of flash-based VMstores for a more effective solution than its traditional hard disk-drive counterparts.

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