Tintri Solves A County’s Virtual Desktop Problems

28 May 2012 18:12:00

Tintri, the market leading company providing pioneering virtual-machine aware storage systems, has helped solve a county’s storage issues with their virtualised network.

Bartholomew County, located in the southeastern corner of Indiana, deployed a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) several years ago, owing to problems with power and data centre cooling. Also, the switch to VDI enabled the county to “cut down on costs associated with updating software and maintaining desktop computers”.

However, managing storage growth posed a different type of problem. With 100 out of 400 of the county’s desktop environments already VDI-based, with plans for further expansion, leveraging storage growth and performance became a pressing concern.

Thankfully, the county came across Tintri’s VMStore, a product that allows administrators to see what each individual virtual machine (VM) is doing and control the VM’s storage capability.

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