Tintri Underlines SSD Challenges

30 April 2012 17:51:00

Tintri, a pioneering virtualisation and data storage company, has been outlining the challenges raised by using Solid State Drives (SSDs) as part of a storage solution.

Endurance, or a lack of, can be a factor that weighs down SSD capabilities. Flash is great for a high number of input/output operations per second (IOPS) but has limited write cycles compared to a standard disk, meaning SSDs tend to wear out more quickly than other enterprise storage solutions. With this reliability issue, data is then potentially compromised.

However, Tintri makes it clear in its blog that SSD has an important role to play in modern day storage solutions but needs to be properly managed and built into a solution that allows the IT manager to effectively deploy it as required and doesn’t compromise “consistent performance or data reliability.

The blog concludes by explaining that 'SSD is a game changer, but needs to be implemented correctly in any storage system'. Tintri enables SSD to be an essential part of a system without impacting on performance or reliability.

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