Verdiem Partners with Information Builders

12 January 2012 18:02:00

Verdiem has integrated Information Builders’ WebFOCUS solution in its Surveyor 6 platform.

The platform features an intuitive dashboard which monitors energy consumption, cost savings and carbon dioxide emission reductions. It’s designed to manage IT devices via Cisco switches, as well as PCs and Macs.

The partnership will result in more accessible energy analytics, which enables companies to create power management policies capable of achieving up to 50 per cent energy and cost savings, and a ROI in five to eight months.

John Scumniotales, president and CEO of Verdiem said: "As a result of Verdiem's partnership with Information Builders, we're the first vendor in our market to integrate a BI tool into its solution. This gives our customers a critical advantage not only by enabling them to better manage their energy consumption, but also by arming them with the insights needed to discover additional cost-saving opportunities."

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