Verdiem Shortlisted For Ovum Recommendation

05 January 2012 17:48:00

Verdiem has proudly announced it is “best of breed” in the IT energy management and efficiency software market. This is as a result of making the shortlist of leading desktop power management solutions in Ovum’s Industry Solutions Guide.

The assessment guide will recommend companies, looking to deploy desktop power management systems, to look to strong market-competitor Verdiem in order to find the perfect solution. Ovum compiles the guides using qualitative and quantitative data about the top market competitors. It assesses them on technology assessment, market impact and reporting. Verdiem scored particularly high on the latter.

Rhonda Ascierto, Ovum senior analyst for energy and sustainability technology says:

"Verdiem has been instrumental in forging the DPM market with its focus on accuracy, high usability, and advanced reporting capabilities. Its Surveyor platform supports desktops and laptops, including Macs, and has been certified by major U.S. utilities that offer power rebates."

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