Videoconferencing On The Rise Claims IDC

18 April 2012 17:27:00

IDC claims that the rise in the cost of air travel for business has boosted the popularity of, and demand for, videoconferencing.

The consummate costs of travelling by plane for business, including taxes and surcharges, ticket prices, insurance, and time lost to travel and transit to and from airports, has pushed financial directors to invest in high quality videoconferencing because of its time and money saving potential.

Last year videoconferencing saw an increase in use by 20 per cent, with the time saved on travelling and costs cited as the main reason companies plumped for the technology over sending employees to alternate physical locations.

This prediction by IDC will come as welcome news to LifeSize, whose business has seen rapid growth in the past financial year and installations of high definition videoconferencing solutions deployed internationally.

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