Virtual Instruments Offers SAN Advice

04 May 2012 14:44:00
Virtual Instruments

Virtual Instruments, a market leader in providing SAN optimisation, has been offering advice on SAN troubleshooting and best practices.

The company has been focussing on the importance of swift diagnosis as soon as issues arise. Otherwise, network SAN users could find they are faced with the reality of “...literally millions of dollars wasted on expensive hardware”.

To avoid this scenario, Virtual Instruments has recommended implementing measures such as real-time monitoring that alerts network managers to problems before they affect application users.

Ultimately, to successfully isolate a problem, network managers should compare their baseline Exchange Completion Time with ECT during the slowdown. Any changes from the healthy baseline will soon become apparent.

Once treated, Virtual Instruments has also highlighted the importance of receiving immediate feedback to avoid staggered or delayed fixes.

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