Virtual Instruments Reports Record Growth

19 January 2012 17:46:00
Virtual Instruments

The leader in virtual performance measurement and optimisation, Virtual Instruments, has reported a 100% year-on-year growth. The company attributes this in part to the launch of VirtualWisdom 3.0 platform, but mainly believes it’s due to the increase in private virtualised clouds.

The need to ensure optimisation and availability in private clouds, combined with the constant focus on reduced capital and operational expenditure, explains why the company deployed more core VirtualWisdom platforms than ever before and saw its new customer acquisition rate triple in the second half of last year.

John W. Thompson, CEO of Virtual Instruments explained: "We believe 2012 will be 'the year of the private cloud,' and as our recent success has proven, Virtual Instruments will play a critical role in helping companies eliminate the risks associated with moving their mission-critical applications to a private cloud infrastructure."

Virtual Instruments also launched its VIP partner programme and doubled its headcount to 160 employees in 2011. 

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