Virtual Instruments Saves Customers $300k Per Storage Array

23 April 2012 18:56:00
Virtual Instruments

Virtual Instruments, a leader in the field of SAN (Storage Area Network) optimisation, is changing the way large organisations think about network configuration.

Storage port over-provision has led to sever under-utilisation. Virtual Instruments has dealt with several major companies and found that in some cases average utilisation rates fell below ten per cent.

To counteract this, a process of consolidation has been recommended. This solution has been designed to reduce unnecessary expense, complexity and risk.

The smarter configuration tool, VirtualWisdom, has been created to avoid simply factoring in more SAN hardware to tackle availability and performance issues.

According to its creators, it enables network managers, “ track the net effect on your application latency to the millisecond”.

In essence though, the VirtualWisdom tool will increase utilisation and can save customers “$100 – $300K per new storage array”.

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