Vyatta Lauded for Creating the Network Virtualisation Market

23 May 2012 16:12:00

Vyatta, the next-generation networking company, has been credited for single-handedly creating the network virtualisation market.

The company’s software platforms have virtualised the network connections between cloud-hosted servers to speed up performance and increase security.

Kelly Herrell, CEO at Vyatta, has remarked that focussing on layer 2 and 3 of the network architecture has been “the secret to Vyatta’s success.”

Vyatta’s initial product was a Linux distribution that essentially acted as a router. With the “application storm” across cloud environments, Vyatta has created tools that make it easy to deploy new software applications when required.

Now, by architecturally separating the forward and control plans, Vyatta has enabled companies to scale unprecedented heights, allow for more traffic and add an increased number of applications across private cloud networks while ensuring data packs remain securely encrypted.

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