Vyatta Launches vPlane

17 April 2012 18:21:00

Vyatta has introduced Vyatta vPlane to its suite of products that deliver speed and scalability for virtual environments. Available alongside Vyatta offerings later this year, vPlane is set to drastically economise operation and increase the capabilities of networks for virtual data centres.

Boasting fast-path architecture and high scalability, the forwarding plane offers exponentially better performance for distributed software networking environments than predecessor software offerings in the industry.

CTO of Vyatta, Robert Bays, said: “With the introduction of vPlane technology, Vyatta is delivering a next-generation distributed software networking environment that is capable of an order of magnitude better performance than our previous generation software on the same off-the-shelf hardware.”

Kelly Herrell, CEO of Vyatta, noted that the launch of vPlane ‘reaffirms’ the company’s stance at the forefront of virtualisation technology. “Vyatta’s vPlane technology represents a giant leap forward in the continued progression of virtual networks toward software-defined networking,” he said.

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