Xsigo More Cost-effective than Cisco Claims Supplies Network

26 June 2012 18:43:00

The hard work and innovation at fabric computing vendor Xsigo is reaping rewards, according to one $600m business in Missouri.

Dan Shipley, architect at office products wholesaler Supplies Network in St Louis, was so impressed with the performance of Xsigo's I/O Director when compared with Cisco's Unified Data Center that he felt compelled to make his thoughts public.

“We brought [Xsigo's I/O Director] out here and did a bake-off with Cisco's [Unified Data Center],” he explains. “It whooped their butt. It was way less [expensive], way faster, it was simple and easy to use and Xsigo's support has been fabulous.”

Shipley added that big database jobs that used to take 12 hours now take less than three, while migrating a virtual machine from one host to another now takes seconds, as opposed to minutes.

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