Xsigo Unravels Data Centre Fabrics

11 May 2012 17:33:00

Xsigo Systems, the data centre fabric deployment and technology provider, has been highlighting the problems encountered when dealing with virtualised server network speeds and how deploying their effective data centre fabric can help to address them.

Improving upon traditional systems, Xsigo’s solution aims to supplement the generic beneficial effects of a fabric such as faster single-tier data transfer, fewer bottlenecks in the spanning tree protocol and flexible routing.  

Xsigo’s fabric takes these further with 100% convergence, no scalability limits and a fully open architecture.

When delivered incrementally to minimise disruption to the current infrastructure, “Xsigo’s 40Gbps highly reliable fabric” is the only solution capable of converging Fibre Channel and Ethernet without restriction.

Meanwhile, Xsigo’s fabric can grow to accommodate up to 1,000 servers and its open architecture can support X86 servers, networks, and storage.

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