Xsigo Upgrades Open Fabric Architecture

06 June 2012 17:36:00

Xsigo has announced a major upgrade to its open fabric architecture, which will include a new product line with features that will allow data centre managers to move to a fabric architecture without being restricted to a single vendor.

Lloyd Camey, CEO of Xsigo, made the announcement in light of surging interest in fabric, which has the capacity to facilitate the transition of IT to virtualised environments. He stated that Xsigo remained the most economic choice for data centre managers looking to move to a fabric architecture, as existing storage, server, and virtualisation equipment can still be used, with the additional benefit of not being tied to a single vendor.

Vice President of Gartner, Mark Fabbi, said, “...traditional network architecture and operations are increasingly becoming bottlenecks”.

Fabbi continued to identify fabric technologies as an ideal solution to this issue, and said that “...they can quickly adapt to changing business and application demands”.

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