Zycko Details how BYOD Can Save On Energy Usage

25 April 2012 18:23:00
Zycko News

Value-add IT distributor Zycko has been detailing the numerous advantages BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies have in the workplace.

It has been suggested that employees who bring in their own pre-charged tablets or personal devices are less likely to plug in to their company’s power supply.

Darran Clare, head of internet protocol at Zycko, remarked that if more staff used mobile devices running on battery, it “...could be seen as a huge cost-saving in energy”.

Another mooted benefit of BYOD is the savings it can produce on supplying equipment. If more employees purchase their own personal devices, companies can drive down costs in this area.

Technology will continue to diversify and Zycko believes that maximising its potential should be seen as a strategic priority to allow both the business and its staff to reap the benefits of trends like BYOD.

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