Prosperity 24.7 Partners with ProLabs

23 July 2012

23 July 2012, Cirencester - Prosperity 24.7, the Channel Islands’ leading management consulting and technology provider, today announces a partnership with data centre accessories and infrastructure specialist ProLabs, in a move that will give its customers access to a range of cost-effective data centre IT solutions.

Prosperity 24.7 recognised client demand for optimised storage and virtualisation, and therefore in adding ProLabs to its Partner Network has strengthened its commitment to clients in the provision of quality products and services.  

Jake Foster, Prosperity 24.7’s chief technology officer explains: “The ProLabs portfolio of products, whilst comprehensive, also provides a compelling cost saving proposition to companies investing in technology infrastructure, especially when compared like for like with larger providers.

“What’s more the underlying technology used in many of the components is identical, fully compatible and covered by industry leading warranties but, most importantly at a fraction of the cost. ProLabs also enhances its proposition by providing a lifetime warranty on its components which, when compared to the standard three to five year warranties of branded equipment, is a major attraction for customers looking for reliable high quality solutions. A lifetime product warranty ultimately translates into long-term tangible benefits.”

The ProLabs product portfolio will be sourced and supplied to clients by Prosperity 24.7 through its partner agreement with Zycko.

ProLabs business development manager Mark Levy added: “ProLabs is popular with resellers and IT solution providers that want to be able to offer better value, quality data centre components and accessories to customers. ProLabs offers savings of up to 70 per cent on some products. The technology on offer is often identical bar the branding, and end users are beginning to realise and accept this.”  

Having experienced rapid expansion in the past year, Prosperity 24.7 now provides management consultancy and technology services and solutions from its six practices: Strategic Consultancy, Project & Programme Management, Technical Solutions, Business Solutions & Training.


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About Prosperity 24.7

Founded in 2011, Prosperity 24.7 is committed to the provision of business consultancy and strategic guidance 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

Prosperity 24.7 operates in the financial services, legal, government and regulatory sectors.

The business consultancy engages in projects ranging from 'green field' setups (including sourcing premises in the Channel Islands of Jersey or Guernsey) and the entire delivery of technology, through to more vertical business challenges such as Client Relationship Management, collaborative working or suitably architected integrated systems to enable businesses to run effectively and efficiently.

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About ProLabs

ProLabs is a high quality brand of accessories and infrastructure for the data centre created by value-add distributor Zycko. It offers a wide range of components including transceivers, memory units, fibre, copper and custom cables, power cords, patch panels, Cisco compatible components and adaptors, connectors and data points. All components come with 100% guaranteed compatibility, are manufactured to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications and come with lifetime advanced replacement warranties.

ProLabs also offer a number of infrastructure products for the data centre including racking and cabinets, cable management, UPS and media converters.

ProLabs manufacturing partners are stringently selected, with partnerships of over 10 years. Use of the best available components, together with continual testing throughout the manufacturing process, contributes to the overall high quality and reliability of ProLabs products.

ProLabs guarantees full compatibility with a large range of end systems, and offers extensive warranties; including lifetime warranties on all component based accessories.

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