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Tintri Announces a New Release of its Tintri® Operating System


Tintri has announced a new release of its Tintri® Operating System and expanded orchestration and automation capabilities. These products simplify deployment and management of enterprise cloud for organisations and service providers. Tintri’s web-services architecture offers Amazon-like agility and scale with the security and control of an enterprise cloud platform.

IT budgets continue to be redistributed from traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud. A recent IDC survey of 11,350 IT executives revealed that while three-year spend on public cloud is projected to grow 29.5 percent, the investment in private cloud (on-premise and hosted off-premise) will increase 51.5 percent. In the same timeframe, the budget for traditional IT is forecasted to fall 18.8 percent.

“More than one third of Tintri customers have built cloud infrastructures with Tintri. They trust Tintri to provide an agile application development environment for DevOps and/or a highly scalable and automated infrastructure for their mission critical applications,” said Ken Klein, CEO and chairman of Tintri. “That’s because only Tintri makes it possible for an organisation to easily deploy and then tear down thousands of virtual machines in minutes, and for a cloud service provider to guarantee performance to their customers by isolating individual virtual machines and settings per-VM Quality of Service (QoS).”

Read the full official press release from Tintri here.

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