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Mellanox White Paper - Mellanox SwitchX-2 vs Broadcom StrataXGS Trident

The demand for data center network performance continues to grow as multi-tenant, public/private clouds and enterprise workloads require that Ethernet switches deliver higher levels of reliability and guaranteed service level agreements.

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Manufacturer: Mellanox

9 Cool Things About Arbor Networks You Didn’t Know

Arbor Networks’ market leadership and influence extends far beyond our service provider roots.

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Manufacturer: Arbor Networks

The Importance of On-Premise DDoS Protection

There was a time when distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks threatened business operations by simply “flooding the network pipe” with traffic congestion. By overwhelming the connection to the Web server, these high-bandwidth “volumetric” attacks can take a Web property offline. In response, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) launched managed security services that provide enterprises with in-cloud DDoS protection. For nearly a decade, these in-cloud services remained an effective strategy for DDoS defense.

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Sector: Utilities
Manufacturer: Arbor Networks

Infonetics DDoS Prevention Appliance Report 2014

Distributed Denial of Service prevention appliances are the first line of defense for service providers and enterprises looking to protect themselves from brute-force attacks on network or resource availability and sophisticated application-layer attacks.

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Sector: Research
Manufacturer: Arbor Networks

Enterprise Guide to DDoS Protection

Enterprise security teams must deal with a broad assortment of security attacks that seek to steal data, cause service outages and wreak havoc on the network. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are nothing new, but their frequency and sophistication have drastically increased in the past few years.

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Manufacturer: Arbor Networks
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